3 Things that Wrecked our Idea of Support Raising

When we signed up to move to Kenya, it came as no surprise that we would need to live off of the financial support of others.

With our fundraising goal of $5,500 per month, the initial idea of support raising made us a little anxious. Of course, we have always trusted God to provide, but embarking on the task of asking others to send money our way was fairly intimidating.

Hitting our knees, we prayed that God would surround us with a support team and that He would provide the wisdom, energy and resources we needed to do our part.

Then, we hit the books (and online resources) about Biblical support raising to learn more. While I listened to old Urbana seminars online Nate read the book, “The God Ask” by Steve Shadrach.


Through our research, God expanded our perspective of what support raising looks like. Rather than viewing it as the anxiety-ridden task that is a necessary means to an end,  we began to see it as our opportunity to draw nearer to God.   I’ve narrowed down the most impactful ideas that really struck our hearts and wrecked our idea of support raising for the better:


  1. Jesus lived off the support of others.

Honestly, the Son of God could have funded his own ministry. However, he chose to live of the generosity and support of others. Luke 8 offers us a glimpse into the SON OF GOD depending on others (and God the Father, of course) to sustain His ministry.

“Soon afterwards, He went on through cities and villages proclaiming and bringing the good news of the Kindom of God. And the twelve were with him and also some women who had been healed of evil spirits and infirmities…and many others who provided for them out of their means.

Luke 8:1,3


  1. It builds a team of people who are invested in what we are doing.

I think back to my softball days and how each time I went to bat, I had a team behind me in the dugout cheering for me. After a homerun, they celebrated with me. And in those hard times, when I struck out, they were quick to embrace me with encouragement. Support raising brings about a team… those who are committed watching you on the field, celebrating the wins and offering encouragement in the hard times.


  1. It deepens your trust in the Lord’s provision.

In our society independence is highly valued, so to live dependently on the support of others is a very stretching experience. It requires a leap of faith to trust that God will orchestrate a team of supporters by calling them each to partner with your ministry. (If you think about it, it gives supporters an opportunity to trust God with their resources…. so it ends up being this big beautiful picture of God weaving together His plans for His people as they trust in Him together.)


With these three things in mind, God has truly transformed our perspective on support raising. It has become a blessing and we look forward to God deepening our faith in Him through this experience.


55% of our monthly goal has been provided already. (Praise Him!)

…that leaves us with $2,500 monthly left to raise.


We would love to connect with others interested in joining our ministry support team. Comment below and we will follow up with you personally or you can click on the “Support us” tab at the top to directly support us.


3 thoughts on “3 Things that Wrecked our Idea of Support Raising

  1. So happy to be supporting the two of you as you do God’s work in Kenya. I will be following you and praying for you as well as sending my monetary support. So excited to see what God has planned for you in Kenya.


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