Our big move. His bigger peace.



It’s beginning to become REAL to us that we are moving.

The house is ready for new occupants. The cars have been sold. Our (BIG) bags are packed.  Good-byes are beginning. We are in this brief and flurried season of bittersweet…letting go of our life here in Georgia and moving towards new experiences in Kenya.

You would assume moving half-way across the globe would be tough. Just the act of moving is known to be one of the largest stressors on a person. For us, moving does have its challenges: from the small technicalities (paperwork, possessions and packing – the three P’s!) to the difficult farewells.

However, throughout this whole process our hearts have been overcome with a PEACE that surpasses all understanding.

Hmm… I wonder where that inexplicable peace comes from….


Oh wait.


Here it is.

blog verse

Although anxious thoughts can creep in at times, God has covered our hearts and minds with his perfect peace. We know – and rest in – the fact that He hears our prayers. Because this calling to serve in Kenya is from Him, He has calmed our nerves and given rest to our hearts. He has opened the door to this opportunity and equipped us to walk through it.

*Update: We are 95% funded! If you would like to join our support team and help cover the last 5%, click here


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