On Sunday night, we took the youth group on a “field trip” to…


Earlier this year, the first escape room in Nairobi, Freeing Kenya, opened. When we heard about and decided it was the perfect outreach event for the students in our area!

We had SO much fun “escaping” from the 3 different scenarios. It was also a fun competition of girls vs. guys. You can guess who won…

(GIRLS, of course!)

Here are some photos from the event:





Also, to follow up from our last post:

Thank you so much for your prayers. Prayer is powerful and we could almost feel your prayers for us and the ministry last week. We are so thankful to belong to such a body of believers. God is our protector, healer and provider!

Since then, God has provided the funding for us to rent a home here in this neighborhood. It is a HUGE blessing!

We ask that you continue to pray for our students, ministry and the Preston family. We serve such a mighty God!



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