The FUN, the CRAZY, & the FILLING.

Life has been busy these past few weeks – in a fun, crazy and filling way!  From hanging out with middle schoolers to hanging (literally) with giraffes, it has been quite the adventure.

….and we wanted to share some of those fun, crazy and filling moments with you. Enjoy!

the FUN…

IMG_5842 2.JPG
Every Wednesday the 6th and 7th grade girls share this pleasant walk to school!
Hanging out with the BlueSky Camp staff at our office/climbing gym. This was from a bittersweet good-bye party for Brett! 
This is always fun…getting to pick out inexpensive fresh flowers on our way home! 
Each Tuesday this group of ladies gets together for a Bible Study. Last week we broke bread together over a tasty potluck dinner! 
It was “Home Culture” day at school a few weeks ago, so our 6th and 7th grade girls showed up representing their many nationalities! What a blessing it was to see such a diverse group come together and study Scripture! …(This was especially special because it was election day in the U.S.)


the CRAZY…

Last month we thought it would be fun to promote our upcoming Sr. High event at school….by handing out free popsicles. It was MAD CHAOS but so fun! (Never underestimate a high schooler’s enthusiasm for free stuff!)
Another CRAZY event… our dog Willow was attacked by a neighborhood guard dog. Shanna’s leg decided to get in on the action! (Both girl and dog are fine!)
We visited Crescent Island and literally hung out (in our ENO) with giraffe, wildebeest and antelope!
Here is another crazy event…we found these marshmallows. For $15.00. We took this picture and promptly put them back on the shelf!

…and this craziness was from Rosslyn’s High School Retreat a couple of weekends ago. Bluesky was in charge of facilitating some games…which you know is one of Nate’s strengths!

and the FILLING…

We had some friends over for DIY sushi night….
It was very FILLING eating all this homemade sushi with some great friends!
Speaking of food, we were craving some Duffy’s Deli broccoli salad…
…our attempt at a taste of home! 


We took this lovely walk in the tea fields of Tigoni, Kenya after a day facilitating on the ropes course. This was such a breath of fresh air! 

…needless to say, we are thankful for each of these moments. Through them, we continue to learn more about the country of Kenya, the perspective of students, about ourselves and about our Creator.


Thank you so much for keeping up with us, supporting us and praying for us!

Prayer Requests:

  • Christmas Party plans are in the works – pray for students who will be attending
  • Benson, our gardener, has a wife who is very sick. Pray she gets the right medical attention.
  • Some of the students in the youth group are transitioning to different countries. Pray for them and all the emotions that moving entails….(especially from a teen’s perspective)
  • Continue to pray for our director of operations, Dave Preston, and his family.
  • Praise God we found a home! Now, we are on a search for inexpensive furniture (which is hard to find….sadly, no Goodwill or TJ Maxx!)

One thought on “The FUN, the CRAZY, & the FILLING.

  1. So great to see the pictures. Looks like you are really busy, but getting off to a good start with the jr. highers, and teens. Continue to pray for you each day. Keep looking to the Lord for wisdom and strength. He keeps us looking to Him for each and every need. Love ya lots, G. Reid


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