Kenya’s DNOW (in video & photos)!


We wanted to share with you some glimpses into our Disciple Now weekend, which happened March 3rd through 5th.

We apologize for just now updating you on it…nearly a month later! It has been a busy, full season for our ministry, which is a wonderful thing!

To begin with, we had an incredible group of volunteer leaders from the U.S. who helped us pull off DNOW…we honestly couldn’t have done it without them. Thomas Orr, from our home church, First Presbyterian in Rome, GA, joined us for the weekend. It was such a blessing to have a familiar face helping us. In addition, we had 9 leaders from S.W.A.T. Ministries, based out of Athens, Georgia. The founder of S.W.A.T., Jon Messarra, accompanied them and served as the speaker for the weekend.

Friday night, students gathered at the BlueSky climbing gym for registration, some fun hangout time (a NERF battle!) and the first large group session. Jon shared about how following God doesn’t mean saying, “No,” to things… it means discovering the wonderful freedoms Christ offers to us and saying, “YES!” to so many life-giving things.  Then, similar to DNOW in the U.S., students left for host homes with their leaders for continued small group lessons and continued fun!

On Saturday morning, students studied Scripture in their groups within host homes.  We all gathered together for lunch, student-led worship, and another large group session with Jon. After the session, craziness began! We introduced everyone to our Kenyan, make-shift version of “Gaga Ball” (Made with tables pushed together….it was still a hit!).

Also, to top the afternoon off, we had Kenya DNOW’s first ever COLOR WAR. It was epic!

Saturday night, we worshipped God through song and students had an opportunity to personally share about how He was working in the their lives. It was incredible to hear about their growing faith and how God is actively moving in their hearts!

After the weekend, the SWAT leaders stayed with us throughout the week and squeezed in some local Kenyan experiences. The following weekend, March 10th-12th, we helped put on another DNOW across town in Karen, Nairobi! …like we said, it was a busy season!

 CLICK HERE to see our DNOW video!

Here are some more glimpses into the weekend:

Session 1 at the BlueSky Climbing Gym.
Making PB & J…with FEET. (AND eating them!)
IMG_5899 2
Color War!!!
Color War!!!
IMG_5904 2
Color War casualty.
IMG_5942 2
Saturday night…our student-led worship band did an awesome job!
We got to host the SWAT team leaders for the week in-between DNOW weekends. Even though they totally drained our house’s water supply,  it was SO much fun to have them with us! 
The Mast Family – post Color War! 
Gigiri area DNOW students and leaders! 


…and CLICK HERE to see our DNOW video (in case you missed it)!


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