A Month of (MAY)king Youth Ministry Happen!

Can you believe it’s already May? …Time flies by just as fast over here in Kenya!

This month is scheduled to be a busy month of reflection, training and transition. Let me explain…

Reflection: Weekly youth events, such as Covenant Group Bible studies and high school youth group are wrapping up for the 2016-2017 school year. We each have had a wonderful time getting to know students, leading small group Bible studies and facilitating youth group gatherings. Shanna has connected with her 7th and 11th grade Covenant groups, as well as with the girls who have attended SUMMIT (high school) and MOUNTAINEERS (middle school) youth groups. Nate has grown deeper in his relationships with his 7th, 8th and 11th Covenant Groups. He has also grown in his sermon-giving abilities, as well as his Spikeball skills! As these opportunities come to a pause for the summer months, we are able to reflect on things that went well and things we can improve on before the next season begins in September!

Shanna and her 7th grade Covenant Group, just before their weekly walk to school after Bible study… she will miss seeing these faces each week over the summer! 
Nate leading the last MOUNTAINEERS (middle school) youth group of the school year. He shared from Philippians 3 about The Great Exchange. (and had a great example using Harry Potter books!) 


Training: We are attending a YoungLife International training in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania this week to learn more about investing in the lives of international students residing in East Africa. We are excited to have this opportunity and are praying that God would provide new ideas and refresh us for future ministry!

Transition: As things wrap up with youth groups and Bible studies, we are moving into an exciting Camp Bluesky season! To remind you, Camp Bluesky is a summer camp geared towards the international youth of Kenya. Kids from a variety of cultural backgrounds will be attending week-long sessions of camp – which is filled with games, Bible lessons, “Summit Fires,” camp songs and more. Nate and I will be coming alongside the Bluesky Camp Team and helping with the execution of camp. We will be counselors for a few weeks and volunteer as needed the other weeks. Many youth who we work with during the school year travel during the summer, however we are planning some fun events for those staying around the Nairobi area. Some are even attending camp!

We are excited for what all God has in store for us during this season. We nearly have 1 year of living in Kenya under our belts, which is crazy!

Continue to pray for us as we connect with students over the summer. Also, be praying that God would be our source of strength and energy. In the ICF Church and Bluesky worlds, we are going through a lot of changes, so pray that things run smoothly and that we can both be diligent workers for Christ.





One thought on “A Month of (MAY)king Youth Ministry Happen!

  1. So glad to get your updates and know how we can pray specifically. Certainly are praying for both of you as you work with Bluesky Camp and anticipate the arrival of our newest addition to the family. I just arrived home a couple days ago. I bought a new car as I was concerned that the van needed a brake job. I left the van in Florida, and will probably leave the car in Mich, and anticipate flying back and forth. I visited the family in Greenville, SC for a few days. Then I went to visit my friend Bonnie Wilson in Virginia, then on to Cedarville for Natalie’s graduation. Now I am going up to Lansing tomorrow so I can be at Dustin’s High School graduation. Also, Ryleigh is getting a scholarship as she was one of six chosen from Charter Schools around the U.S. for an essay she wrote. They will surprise her with a check and recognition at her school’s assembly. I plan to be there for that event as well. Since I have new wheels, I will definitely be traveling. I want to go down to Medina after that to see your folks new house. I hope you are over your morning sickness, Shanna. I remember those days, and it wasn’t fun! You are both in my thoughts and prayers, Grama Reid


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