Camp Bluesky 2017!

This month marks the 17th year Camp Bluesky has been in existence!

We both are very excited to be a part of Camp again this year… it is a ministry that is special to our hearts in so many ways. Not to mention, it is SO MUCH FUN!

shanna and nate at camp 2017

Last week was the first session of camp for the 2017 summer months. Both of us served as camp counselors. Never in a million years did Shanna think she would be Bluesky’s first EVER pregnant counselor! She was with the “Meru” cabin, which consisted of many of her 7th grade Covenant Group girls. Last week was Nate’s first time in a “Kibo” cabin. Many of his campers attended his 8th grade Covenant Group throughout the year.



(*Fun Camp Fact: Campers are split into cabins known as “Mountain Groups” based on their age/gender. The eldest campers are in the Mountain Groups named after the tallest mountains in/near Kenya… Mt. Kenya and Mt. Kilimanjaro. The Mountain Group descend in order, with the youngest campers in groups named after smaller mountains.) 

One unique aspect of Camp Bluesky is this… campers are from all over the world! Many of them currently call Kenya home, yet come from different background cultures. Out of Shanna’s 10 Meru girl, 6 different nationalities were represented!

A typical day at camp may include:

Mountain group cheers, meals (typical camp food….but we survived), finding gold rocks, figuring out “The Cheetah Clue,” Empower (morning Bible study), Skills, Rewind (cabin Bible discussion), campfire and s’mores, and… of course… SOCK WAR! 

Our theme this summer is “HOMECOMING,” based off of The Parable of the Lost Son in Luke 15. We were so encouraged by the campers’ connection and response to the parable. There were many deep discussions within cabins about finding our “home” in Christ and being welcomed by the Father with loving arms.

Here is a brief video that recaps the first session of camp:


Lastly here is a couple of Prayer Requests from us:

We’ve been feeling under the weather with an intense sinus infection/cold that is going around. This definitely took away from our energy levels at camp. Nate had a fever the first few days and Shanna was feeling pretty drained already from low blood pressure (due to pregnancy). Pray that they both feel better before Session 2 of camp (beginning Sunday, June 11th)

Pray for follow-up with the students… we had some great discussions with them at Camp and developed deeper relationships. As many of the campers travel over the next few months, pray that our connection with them would remain strong and overlap into the school year.

In addition, pray that their hearts would continue to work through all that was learned about the Lord at camp.


One thought on “Camp Bluesky 2017!

  1. Praying for you both as you minister there at camp. I saw the video, and it looks like you have lots of great activities. So glad the kids are open to good discussions as well. Praying God gives special strength and wisdom for each day as you seek to make an impact into campers lives.


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