10 fun moments from DNOW 2018!

Here are 10 fun moments from DNOW 2018!

1. Our Disciple Now theme was #SQUADGOALS. Shawn Koonce (Nate’s high school youth pastor) delivered 4 motivating lessons from God’s Word about navigating Godly relationships. Shawn did an amazing job helping us dive into Scripture together!


2. Friday night began with a climbing competition. What other DNOW does that?!?!

IMG_3333 2

3. Kids volunteered to play CRAZY games. Such as: “Poop Potato,” “Fruit by the Foot Race,” “Flour Power,” and “Watch ya Mouth Race.”


4. We came up with the game “Deceiving Food Race.” It consisted of pudding in a mayo jar, Jello in a “Peptang” (nasty Kenyan brand of ketchup) bottle, Coca-Cola in a vanilla extract bottle and a tub of “Blue Band (Kenyan margarine). It was awesome and gross at the same time as kids raced to finish their food item!


5. We bought 40 pounds of ground beef for Saturday’s dinner. Shanna, Karlie (Bluesky staff), and two of the best housekeepers in Nairobi turned our kitchen into a DNOW meal-making-factory!!!


6. Kids traveled to different locations throughout Nairobi for recreation time. middle school boys played paintball, middle school girls went ice skating (yes, you read that right…ice skating in Africa), high school boys did an Escape Room and high school girls went horseback riding in the beautiful tea fields. Also, families within our church graciously opened up their homes to host students!

ice skating girls.jpg

7. Nate was the “Game Master” for the weekend. He orchestrated a glow-in-the-dark dodge ball tournament, which was crazy fun!!!


8. The SWAT (Students With a Testimony) team from Athens, GA traveled here during their spring break to volunteer as DNOW leaders for both this weekend and last weekend (we helped with another DNOW across town). The team stayed at our house for a few days and we loved hanging out with them!


9. Last Thursday, we took them to a local Kenyan school that educates many under privileged and orphaned children.  They had a blast leading songs and games with the kids!



10. Overall, nearly 70 students showed up for this jammed-packed weekend full of crazy games, small group Bible study time, fun excursions and diving into Scripture together. What a great DNOW 2018!





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