Our Bluesky Camp Staff Retreat!

Last week, we had the opportunity to spend some quality time together with the entire Camp Bluesky team on a staff retreat!

As many of you know, we’ve had a tough year. Bluesky has experienced a lot of transition, growing pains and grief. God has carried us each through many different obstacles, and getting some time to rejuvenate and bond together as a team was exactly what we needed!

We originally had planned to join Young Life of East Africa for their bi-annual staff training. (We usually team up with them for a chance to be poured into and creatively plan for the ministry.) However, Young Life training was in Rwanda, and the Camp budget wasn’t in a place to afford the travel expenses…we needed to stay local.

The new camp director, Brett, asked Shanna to brainstorm and plan some details for a retreat. (YES! She loves this kind of stuff!)

We ended up escaping to Tigoni, a small community about 45 minutes away from Nairobi. It is a beautiful area of Kenya with rolling green hills of tea fields.

The beautiful tea fields of Kenya! If you drink Lipton tea, it is likely it came from here!

We stayed at a lovely AirBnb…a cozy lakeside house. It was gorgeous and so relaxing!




The team went zip-lining on the first day of the retreat…such a fun experience! (Of course a camp team needs to do something ADVENTUROUS together…it only makes sense!)

The camp team between zips! From left: Nick, Mason, Claire, Brett, Bronwyn, Shanna and Nate

Click here to see a video of Nate zip-lining! 

The second day, we each took turns leading the group in planned activities….team building games, yoga, a Bible devotion, and a guided prayer. We also visited a nearby tea farm for lunch!

Claire led us in some yoga…it turns out we aren’t as flexible as we thought we were! 
We packed Spikeball just in case…good thing we did! 
The girls went on a walk in the tea fields while the guys visited the police station and sorted out the accident…praises that we had no charges and everyone was ok! 

Of course, we spent some time together as a staff discussing and brainstorming some ideas for camp. This time especially was helpful for our hearts…as with any transition of staff, change is hard. Hearing the perspectives and hearts of our new camp directors helped us gain understanding and grow in our excitement for the future of Camp Bluesky!

We saw the Lord’s hand at work during this retreat. He connected us all on a deeper level, protected our team from being harmed in a car accident (on the way back from zip-lining…everyone is okay!) and allowed us to be filled up before the busy-ness of camp season arrives.

We are so excited to see what He does through Camp Bluesky this summer!

A new, exciting season for Camp Bluesky! 




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