The Masts are back at Camp!

Camp Bluesky holds a special place in our hearts. If you’ve ever been a camp counselor, you understand.



IMG_3799 2
Back at Camp Bluesky…as a family of 3! 

Things have changed a bit from our first summers at Camp Bluesky (2007 and 2010), but the core of camp is still the same. The traditions of singing before mealtimes, hunting for gold rocks, making mountain group headbands,  SOCK WAR and the “Bo Bo” Cheer are present this summer with just as much heart, competition and passion as ever before!

This year looked a bit different for us, as we were now a family of 3 at camp! Levi was such a champ and loved cheering campers on during events like  “Maji Meyham” and Thursday night’s Talent Show. He was a “celebrity” of sorts around camp…campers loved having him around to play with between games. Levi and Shanna ended up staying at camp for the entirety of session 1. (They wanted to return for session 2, but both ended up getting sick for few days)

Levi hanging out with all the counselors during Counselor Training Week. AKA being a girl magnet! 
Hanging out with campers outside the dining tent. Campers loved Levi!
shanna and Levi at camp
Shanna and Levi were characters in a camp-wide game of “Clue.” They called themselves “Bessy Bless-Your-Heart” and “Little Darlin’ Daryl”

Nate is a counselor again this summer, spending 3 weeks total in a cabin with campers. It has been such a life-giving, fruitful experience so far. (He has one more week coming up in July.) Camp devos and “Crosstalk” night have sparked a lot of questions about God in the hearts of his campers.

During the first session of Camp, one of Nate’s campers committed his life to Christ. Another camper, from another religious background, experienced spiritual visions, which we believe is the Holy Spirit working in his heart. This last week, Nate’s campers were encouraged by Christian community – something many of them don’t have outside of their one week of Camp each year. One specific camper was very inquisitive about the Christian faith…he would voluntarily read his Bible every night!

After Nate returned home from Session 2, we were talking about the effectiveness of Camp Bluesky. Of all the ministries we’ve ever been a part of, Camp has proved to be SO consistently effective in connecting the hearts of students with the heart of God. Not to mention, it’s a ton of fun!

IMG_5304 2
Nate, ready to greet his campers upon arrival! He had “Elgon” (13 year old) boys two weeks in a row! 
Nate, helping campers come up with a game plan for Maji Meyham…a camp favorite! 


nate and elgon
Nate and his cabin of Elgon boys during session 1! 


IMG_5357 2
Tried to grab a quick photo together during a game (Nate was the “Chumvi King” for half of camp) when a sweet camper decided to join in on the photo! 


***Click Here for a Video of Nate’s cabin performing a customized cabin cheer for the clean cabin checkers!


Lastly, another special thing about being involved in Camp Bluesky is that we are able to provide follow up to campers through our youth ministry during the school year. Camp has been a terrific avenue for us to get to know more students on a deeper level. What a great opportunity the Lord has given us!

Prayer Requests:

  • The campers who have already attended camp…especially those new in their faith or who are seeking. 
  • That God would work through Nate as a cabin counselor during Session 3. Many of these students come from a variety of faith backgrounds, including Hinduism and Islam. 
  • Pray for Levi and Shanna as they battle sinus infections and colds. (The weather is chilly here, believe it or not!) Shanna also hurt her wrist playing dodgeball at camp…pray for healing so that she can easily pick up her 25lb son! 
  • We are in need of some more monthly donors to join our support team. Pray for supporters to join our team or increase their giving as the Lord leads. Also, that our hearts would trust God to provide and not get stressed about finances. 



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