The New and the Old of Camp Bluesky.

We had the opportunity to serve alongside the leadership team in another summer of Camp Bluesky!

Camp Bluesky is incredibly special to us, beyond simply being the place where we met in 2010. Something about Camp traditions, the atmosphere, the energy… it nearly becomes part of your identity and holds an irreplaceable space in your heart.

Quite a few things have changed since our first summers at Camp Bluesky, and I’ll be the first to admit change is hard, especially when it involves something like summer camp. The traditions of camp somehow burrow roots inside the hearts of campers and counselors alike…so when changes happen, the mournful sting of uprooting is felt.

However, change is also a good thing. Camp Bluesky has grown tremendously over the years – with 2018 being the largest summer ever with over 800 campers! This growth, along with new ideas, new staff and new generations of campers has spurred on healthy adjustments, all while maintaining the same original vision of Camp Bluesky – to bring the Gospel to the youth of Nairobi.

There was a special change this year that Nate and I both got to a part of bringing to camp:

The “Set the Pace” Award

The “Set The Pace” award was created in memory of Bluesky’s founder, Kim Pace…a.k.a. “Mama,” who passed away in January.  It is awarded to a camper, junior counselor or counselor who embodies three core attributes of Kim’s character: leadership, boldness, and passion. We all know Kim was the epitome of these things…especially when it came to Camp! 

34922357833_7039f975b0_o (1)
An old, special photo I found of Kim and I hiking in Maasai Land in 2007. 

…and a really cool thing happened during Session 2: Nate was awarded the “Set The Pace” award! What an unexpected honor, as well as a special privilege to remember Kim at camp. We look forward to recognizing future campers, JCs and counselors who exemplify these traits. We also look forward to the idea that Kim will be remembered for years to come at Camp Bluesky.

nate at camp
Nate teaching “American Football” skill during Session 2. (We don’t have a photo of him receiving the award, so this will do!) 

Along with other changes made this summer, so much of Camp Bluesky has remained the same, even still.

We still sing “You Can’t Ride in my Little Red Wagon.”

We still cheer “BOBO” at the closing ceremony.

We still find gold rocks all over the place.

We still (somehow) have corn on the pizza. Haha.

We still get REALLY COMPETITIVE while playing sock war.

We still march in silence to Summit Fire on Friday nights.

We still get crazy pumped when a camper makes Lion’s Pride.

We still get the privilege to introduce campers to a growing relationship with Jesus! 


camp bluesky 1
Campwide Chumvi vs. Nuru cheer challenge! 
camp bluesky 3
Kenya and Kili mountain groups escaped the grounds of Camp for a couple of days to go camping and ziplining in the wilderness. 
camp bluesky 5
Senior Camp gets to adventure out on the High Ropes course each session! 
camp bluesky 2
Campers are still just as silly and as spirited as ever! 
camp bluesky 6
Summit Fire Torch Fight….a tradition that will never die! 



7 thoughts on “The New and the Old of Camp Bluesky.

  1. Love this update!!

    Looking forward to our chat tomorrow!


    On Wed, Aug 8, 2018 at 9:28 AM, All the Way to Africa wrote:

    > shannamast posted: “We had the opportunity to serve alongside the > leadership team in another summer of Camp Bluesky! Camp Bluesky is > incredibly special to us, beyond simply being the place where we met in > 2010. Something about Camp traditions, the atmosphere, the energy… ” >


  2. So glad to get your latest post on Camp! Congratulations to Nathan for winning the award! What an honor! I continue to pray for each of you, and know that the Lord is using your ministry as you continue to look to Him for the guidance and direction you need.

    A. Becky Krise and I just got home last night from visiting with your folks, Nate. We had such a great time! On Monday night Steve and family, Aaron and family, Rebekka and children, Luke, A. Ruth, and Grampa Mast were there with us for a time of food and fun! It was quite a gang, but we were able to connect with everyone before summer ends and people are back to work. On the way home we met up with U. Dan and A. Gwen and the rest of the Krise family. We were planning on going to a dumpling restaurant in Ann Arbor, but pulled up and they were closed for vacation. We found another Chinese restaurant with great food, so we had a good and short visit with them. We certainly miss you all when we have family get-togethers.

    We watched the video of Levi eating and laughing! A. Becky hadn’t seen it. He is such a little doll. I’m sure he is growing by leaps and bounds! What a precious addition to your family! I know he has brought a new & wonderful dimension for both of you, and also to the ministry. I am sure the young people love him too. Also, I am so glad to hear your parents are coming out for a visit, Shanna! I will be praying it will be a special time, and especially that their eyes will be opened to the importance of your faith and ministry.

    I just had a new floor put in my living room and hallway so now I am in the process of putting things back and doing some sorting. I don’t want to put away anything I don’t need. I know you have just moved. I am so glad that it is so much more convenient for you to have activities with the young people. I remember how our people in HK loved coming to our house. They lived in small quarters, and it was always fun for them to play games and fellowship together.

    I better get busy with the jobs I need to do, but saw your blog and wanted to reply. Just know that I pray for you both and baby Levi, and the ministry there. It is such a blessing to know and see that you and others of the g.children are serving the Lord and seeking to be used to further His Kingdom. Lots of Love and Prayers, G.. Reid


  3. I “caught the spirit” of Camp Bluesky – and I want to go – actually, I also have fond memories of attending a Christian camp as a young person and serving as a jr counselor as an older teen! Those experiences stay with you for life !! You are doing work that will impact many families – for this life and eternity.
    Congrats to Nate!!


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