Visiting Samuel

Four years ago, soon after getting married, we decided to sponsor a child through Compassion International.

After looking through many photos of sweet children from around the world, we signed up to sponsor 7 year old Samuel. His home was in Kenya, and of course that connected us. His big brown eyes, along with the Holy Spirit tugging on our hearts, drew us in!

Over the past four years, we’ve written letters and sent photographs. It’s been harder to send letters since our move to Kenya, as we have few chances to receive our US mail throughout the year, but we still keep in touch. Samuel has grown over the years and has done well in school and in making friendships. Samuel’s photo hangs on our fridge door – reminding us to pray for him and his family often.

We hoped one day we would get the chance to visit Samuel and meet him in person – what a privilege it would be!

Our hopes turned into reality this week, as we took a couple of days off work and drove 3 hours out of Nairobi to a town called Njoro. There, we met with the local Compassion staff and finally hugged Samuel!

He is such a sweet boy. He was very shy – just as starstruck as us, probably – and introduced us to his mother and two baby sisters. He showed us where he enjoys playing football. He and his mom invited us into their home for a visit and then we shared a big Kenyan lunch of ugali, spinach, beef stew and chapati. Samuel was incredibly sweet to our Levi (who was super fussy after missing a couple of naps)….Samuel was so patient and loving, demonstrating what a good brother he is to his sisters.

What a blessing it was to know Samuel and his family on a deeper level, beyond letters. It is amazing that we now live so close to each other. We are so grateful for the opportunity Compassion has given us – without the organization our paths may have never crossed.

We were so impressed with the efficiency, organization and tangible impact Compassion International is having in the area of Njoro. It encouraged us to know that we have partnered with such a terrific organization. If you haven’t signed up to sponsor a child, we urge you to do so….it is such a magnificent way to further the Kingdom of God and be connected with others beyond country borders.

Click here to learn more about Compassion International. 


Sweet Samuel! 



Meeting the family!
Squeezing into our Land Cruiser for a ride to Samuel’s house….there’s always room for one more!
Samuel’s family in their home! 
Just outside their home, along with some new, friendly neighbors!


Samuel was so good with Levi!




One thought on “Visiting Samuel

  1. Dear Children: It was so great to see the pictures you sent of Samuel, the boy you sponsor through Compassion. I also sponsor a little girl, Renajean, from the Philippines. I think I have sponsored her for about four years. I was concerned about the typhoon that hit a month or so ago, but I guess she and her family are alright.
    How Levi is growing! It was so fun to see the video you took of him learning to walk! He has such a fun laugh. I know he brings so much joy into your life. I’m sure all the people there love him too. I’m sure your mother and dad were excited to see him when they visited with you. I’m so glad they could come.
    Your Mom and Dad were here this weekend, Nate. We had such a good time. They helped me with some projects. Your Dad replaced an old light fixture in my kitchen. Your Mom saw it when we were looking at Home Depot. I was a little worried it wouldn’t give off enough light, but it works perfectly and helps update the kitchen. They also painted the ceiling and back wall. We needed to match the color on the other walls, and only found some paint on a nail head, but it worked and matched! Your Mom also made me some new valances for my bedroom. This summer I had all the rest of the flooring, except the spare bedroom, changed to the flooring I had previously done in the Pergo. It looks good and is easy to keep. There are always projects that need doing.
    I have had a real dental problem. I had a front tooth crowned before I left Florida. I was eating a salad a couple months ago, and the crown and tooth broke right off. I am thankful the dentist in Florida refunded me most of my money as it only lasted 4.5 months. I am finally getting a denture with the new tooth next Thursday. I have been without a front tooth for 2.5 months. I went on Ebay and was able to buy a fake tooth I was able to put in when I went somewhere. I think the Lord has been working on my pride. I said all I needed was a corncob pipe and I could tell people I was from the backwoods of Kentucky!
    I will be glad to get down to Maranatha in FL. Its getting a bit to cold for me now that the cooler weather has come. We had a frost this morning and one of my pots of flowers looks like its finished for the Season.
    You are always in my prayers. I am so sorry you are having such problems with your back, Shanna. I have been praying about that. I have had that problem for so long, I know how debilitating it can be. The older I get the more I see I have to do things to change my life style. I will definitely continue to pray you find some permanent relief. I am sure lifting Levi doesn’t help either. Miss you all lots. Much love and prayers, Grama Reid


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