The Many Visitors of May

The past month has been a wonderful season of hosting for us, in addition to regular youth ministry.

As of today, May 22, we have had over 150 people walk through our doors throughout the past month….amazing! They came from all over for staff meetings, Covenant Group bible studies, a student Spikeball tournament, a student bonfire party, and simply for a place to stay while visiting Kenya!

We started off our hosting adventures with having our dear friends Nathan and Jane stay with us during their counseling trip with their ministry. This was their second time staying with us during visits from Rome, GA. Having them here was refreshing for our souls and proves, yet again, that our world is SO small!

Bluesky held their bi-annual all staff meeting at our house. It was so great to have our director, Tammy Preston, in town to guide us through some strategic planning and goal setting for Bluesky. We ordered KFC for lunch, which is something I grew up eating at family reunions…it kind of felt like a Bluesky family reunion and I can promise you this: no fried chicken was left over!!!

The Bluesky staff gathered together for strategic planning….Levi and Willow joined in!

We hosted a Spikeball tournament for students at the beginning of the month as well. Middle schoolers and high schoolers dueled it out to win the tournament and the grand prize: free t shirts! There are still bare spots in our yard where the grass hasn’t quite grown back, but it was totally worth the fun and friendly competition! We can’t wait to schedule another tournament for next year!

Some students competing in the Spikeball tournament!

Many of you already know this…we host and lead morning Bible studies for students known as “Covenant Groups.” Two of Nate’s Covenant Groups meet at our home each Thursday and Friday morning. It has been a pleasure to have these boys discussing Scripture under our roof….and it’s a bonus when they get to show Willow and Levi some love!

Some friends of ours through SWAT (Students With a Testimony) Ministries visited us for a couple of days during their vacation to Kenya from Kennesaw, GA. It was fun to have Mary Kathryn with us again… she helped us with Disciple Now in 2017! She loved Kenya so much, she wanted to bring her husband Reno back for a visit! We are always happy to host friends from out of town!

Showing the Barrera’s around town…the Giraffe Center was a must see!

This past Sunday we hosted our end-of-year “Bonfire Fiesta” for the high school youth group. They came over to get their fill of tacos and roast marshmallows. A high school student and and on of our volunteers led a great worship time by the fire. We enjoyed fellowship together before the craziness of exams hit the students’ busy schedules!

A low quality photo of a high quality moment…worshipping with high school students around a bonfire!

Next week, we will welcome our friends Chase and Audrey (and their little son, Oliver!) to our home as they visit Kenya for a couple of weeks from Bristol, TN. They became dear friends to us during their time serving as missionaries to the Maasai Tribe near the base of Mount Kilimanjaro. It will be so special to see them again as we are comforted by their southern accents, and finally get to meet Oliver!

We are so thankful to have the opportunity to host! This was our hope…since ICF does not have a church building, that we could utilize our home for a place of ministry! We are thanking God for the many faces we’ve been able to see this month!


As for the upcoming months…the tables will turn and we will be guests, rather than hosts…. in the USA!

We will be in Medina, Ohio June 18th – July 7th.  

We will be in Rome, Georgia July 13th – August 2Oth.

Please let us know if you would like to connect with us…we would love to add time with you to our schedule!


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