Our Ministry

A few years ago, we were told about an opportunity to do youth ministry among the international community in Nairobi. A church in Nairobi, International Christian Fellowship, decided to partner with BlueSky to look to bring on a couple to lead the church’s youth group and reach out to youth in the community. This seemed like a great fit for us! After much prayer, wise counsel, and a vision trip, the Lord confirmed in our hearts that this is what He was calling us to.

We are so thankful that God has given us this opportunity that lines up so perfectly with the passions He has given us. We are now living and working in the Gigiri neighborhood of Nairobi. Gigiri is a unique area because it has a big international population largely because Africa’s United Nations hub is located there as well as an American embassy. Our church, International Christian Fellowship, is also located in this neighborhood.

Many of the youth in Gigiri attend either Rosslyn Academy or the International School of Kenya.

isk school
International School of Kenya (ISK)
Rosslyn Academy

Between these two schools there are about 1,000 Jr High and Sr High students. Of these students, there are over 40 nationalities represented whose spiritual beliefs range between Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Christian and nominal Christian. Some of these students are future leaders in our world as many of them have parents or relatives who are already international leaders.

Our ministry includes:

  • Visiting school campuses and attending extracurricular activities in order to build relationships
  • Leading a weekly high school youth group
  • Leading a monthly middle school youth group
  • Discipling students through relational ministry
  • Leading small group Bible studies before school
  • Planning outreach events and weekend retreats
  • Serving alongside the leadership team for Camp Bluesky sessions

This is an incredible opportunity because there is currently no student-focused ministry in this area of Nairobi, apart from the ministries of ICF and BlueSky. This is something that really excites us because it’s like we are embarking on a new frontier and reaching out to students who may not have any other opportunity to be invested in, discipled and told the Gospel!


We moved to Kenya in August 2016. We are able to serve in ministry because of the generous financial support of others. We are blessed to have most of our financial needs covered, although we are still looking for a few to partner with us to provide the remaining $200 per month that we are lacking.  We ask that you and your family would pray about joining our monthly support team. We believe we have clearly heard the call from God for us to continue investing in the youth of Nairobi. 

We would love to connect with you to answer questions and to tell you a little bit more about our ministry. Thanks for taking the time to read about what God is doing in our lives and praying about how you can get involved! 

blue sky logo

To find out more information about BlueSky as a whole, click here

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